Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver On Sale

Hello there, how are you?, and thanks for stopping by to this site. As a premium Speaker Systems products, Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer were made to give you the ultimate Satisfaction. According to my research, this product has receive so many positive review among users. Most of them love what this product features, so it’s should on your top list when you looking for a Speaker Systems. There are so many Speaker Systems products with various brands on the market. Each of them claims as the best. In fact, not all those products give the truth as their claimed. Most of them just low quality product with hype marketing tagline.

Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer
Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer

So if you looking for an amazing Speaker Systems, this product should be on your top list to try. But before you grab it, read this review first. This short review will cover what really the product can do, what is the feature, what real user say about it, and where you can get it with very rationale price.

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Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer

Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer at a Glance

What was already an industry leader in its price class now offers even greater value! The TST239 Silver transducer is an excellent choice for driving small sections of theater seating or individual pieces of furniture. …Click here to read full details.

Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer : The Features

  • Continuous power handling: 100 watts; Recommended Amplification: 75 – 100 watts at 4 ohms (per transducer)
  • Frequency Response: 15Hz to 17kHz
  • Overload Protection: Poly-switch; Electrical Connection: 3ft. – 16 gauge, 2 wire
  • Dimensions: 8 in. diam. x 2.25 in. high; Not approved for vertical mounting.

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What people say about this Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer?

This worked great, better than expected.
I had purchased a butt kicker which produced a lot of distortion noise along with the vibration. I’m using it on a Massage Table and the distorted music and extra noise it produced really took away from the experience and few clients like it. Maybe its ok for a theater chair to produce Jurassic foot steps or explosions but not soothing vibrations in a quiet environment. I replaced just the transducer with this "low end" Clark Synthesis Silver unit and was completely blown away by the difference. Not only didn’t it produce any distortion but all by itself it produced a reasonable sound. With the audio speakers on it blends in perfect, no distortion, you don’t even hear its there unless you get close to the table. But that wasn’t the blow away, just put your hand on the table. It produces at least 3 times the vibration with the same amp. It took the experience from not noticeable if you turned it down to not be audibly annoying to amazingly soothing vibrations perfectly in synch…
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Where you can grab Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Transducer with great offer?

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